Tuesday, April 14, 2009

LOST Mystery #4 The Dharma Pallet drop

I'm going to inject two other mysteries into this post. The pallet drop happened in the episode "Lockdown" in season 2. It was a large pallet of supplies, mostly food, that had a parachute and a bright beacon attached to it.

The losties gathered the food and eventually created their own little kitchen where we see them eating these supplies over the next few seasons. There has only been a few references to pallet drops since this scene. The pallet drop is actually referred to as a P.R.D. periodic resupply drop by dharma literature. On the blast door map there is a line that says "P.R.D. every 6-8 months. Fatalities: 5." At the flame station it was revealed that the computer Locke played chess on could initiate drops by entering "24". So what's up with the losties finding a current P.R.D. in the year 2004 around 20 years after the purge and end of the Dharma initiative on the island? Maybe this drop got caught in some time loop. We saw last season when Faraday did his payload experiment that time between the island and just outside some radius around the island, is not in sync. Also, how was it dropped or was it even dropped at all? A while ago Darlton was asked why the losties didn't hear the plane that dropped the P.R.D.? Their response was "you're assuming it was dropped by a plane..." Here is where I bring in one of the other mysteries, Henry Gale.

When Sayid is questioning Ben right after he is captured Ben uses the alias Henry Gale. We later learn that Henry Gale was a ballon pilot that crashed on the island. We know nothing else except that his balloon was sponsored by Widmore and he had a wife he wrote a note to on a $20 bill. Maybe Henry Gale was involved in a P.R.D. There was the mention of 5 fatalities in association with the drops. The third mystery is those new looking washing machines in the swan station. That front load style didn't appear until the mid 90's and they appeared newer then most other appliances in the swan. Perhaps they were part of a drop in the 90's.

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