Wednesday, April 8, 2009

LOST Mystery Adam and Eve

During the first season some of the losties move to a cave in the jungle for shelter. Jack is the first person to find the caves and discovers two bodies. The bodies are laying down in what appears to be a purposeful position. Almost has if they were laid there or even that the two people went to sleep together never to awake. Jack finds a small bag next to the bodies that contains two small polished stones, one white and one black.

The stones are very similar to the game pieces that Locke shows to Walt a few days earlier. Jack shows the two bodies to Lock and informs him one is male and one is female. He also suggests that they have been there for 40-50 years based on the condition of their clothes. Locke seems extremely interested in the find and names the bodies Adam and Eve.

At first there was a lot of speculation who Adam Eve are. Early on the craziest theories were Jack and Kate. This was early on even before any hint of time skipping was revealed. Since then though people seemed to have forgotten about Adam and Eve. Darlton have said that we will be learning more about Adam and Eve in the future and that Adam and Eve were one of their first deliberate attempts at injecting a scene early in the first season that would pay off in one of the last seasons. Basically they believe it will prove to people that they had a plan even in season 1. Here is a great interview with them about if from Feb 2007. I think we are going to learn who they are before the end of this season. My own personal belief is that it will be revealed that Bernard and Rose are Adam and Eve. For one I'm not that into Jack and Kate as central characters. Also, what happened to Rose and Bernard during the time skipping? The last time we saw them was during the flaming arrow scene. Which based on the military clothes of the others and jughead, that time period was in the 40s or 50s. This would be right around the same time Adam and Eve die in the caves. I think Rose and Bernard are injured during the flaming arrow attack and return to one of the only other places besides the beach they think is safe, the caves. One is dying and the other decides to lay down and die with the other. I'm not sure about the stones. But there is the obvious color connection of Rose being black and Bernard being white.

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  1. This is what I believe will happen in Season 6:
    1. We will discover that Jacob and the Man in Black are Jacob and his brother from biblical times. However, I don't have a clue how they wound up on the island and are capable of surviving for thousands of years.
    2. We will learn that the show's title, "Lost", amongst its many meanings, refers to the so called lost tribes of Israel due to their being attacked by the Assyrians c. 722 BC as my internet research has shown. I also suspect that we will learn that Richard Alpert is part of the Assyrians, if not a high ranking leader, and that tis will tie in somehow to the heiroglyphics that has been seen on the show.
    3. We will learn that the story of Adam and Eve, and life as we now know it, is directly tied as a consequence to the actions of Jacob, the Man and Black, the Black Rock, the Others, Dharma, the Losties and yet to be discovered groups stories. Moreover, I believe that this will help validate two battling truisms of the ages, that is, evolution and creationism. Yes, evolution has always existed, but due to the actions started by Jacob and his brother (Man in Black) through the Losties time, "Adam and Eve"
    (whether it's Bernard and Rose or another man and woman) had to, in a sense, jumpstart or restart everything to create life as we now know it today. Without this "Adam and Eve jumpstart/restart" then life as we now know it would not exist.
    I would love to get feedback on this and build off it.