Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Great LOST re-capper.

I just discovered a fantastic LOST re-capper and pontificator, I'm not sure if either of those tittles actually exist but.... His name is Al Trautwig, he is a sports announcer in NYC and works with most of the teams that play in Madison Square Garden. He recaps every LOST episode as if it was a sporting event. Imagine a post LOST game run down. He is very professional and apparently a major LOST fan. His recaps are very different from the geeky fanboy reviews I am used to reading. He is incredibly observant and very thorough. He can recap a show in 3 minutes and make so many great connections you never thought of in those few minutes. I don't subscribe to all his theories, he is really convinced everything is all just a complicated game, but really like his point for point show run down. His last two reviews have not been quite as good as his earlier ones but still very worth a listen. You can view his older videos here.

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