Wednesday, March 11, 2009

LOST Mystery #1 Changing Picture Frames

This is the first of a few new weekly posts I plan on starting. This one simply titled LOST Mysteries will focus on things in the show that I hope will be explained at some point. It can be little things like quick flashes, background scenery, interesting dialog or much larger mysteries that involve the mythology of the show. I hope the show will explain these items but I'm also hoping people will comment and maybe we can explain them ourselves.

In episode 4x02 Confirmed Dead we are introduced to Miles the ghost buster. In this scene Miles apparently is helping the grandmother of a dead boy rid her house of his ghost. As Miles walks up the stairs the camera pauses on the grandmother's picture frames on the wall. Most of the frames seem to contain pictures of family members and in particular the dead boy we assume. After Miles vacuums up the ghost he walks back down the same stairs, again we get a deliberate camera pause, and all the frames have changed. If this was any other show it may be chalked up to an incredible continuity error on the part of the show's prop department. But considering this is LOST and the obvious camera pause I think there is something going on here.

Any theories?

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