Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Things I noticed about "life and death of Jeremy Bentham"

I am back from Hawaii and all caught up with LOST. This season has been in high gear and I hope you are enjoying it as much as I have been. If you are like me I watch the enhanced rerun of the previous week's episode before the new episode.
Here are a few things I noticed about "the life and death of Jeremy Bentham" that you can watch for if you re-watch it tonight.

It appears that everyone else on the plane besides Jack, Kate and Hurley are on the separate small island that the Hydra station is on.

It looks like my man Lapidus actually landed the plane since it is all in one piece.
maybe he used the runway we saw Kate and Sawyer being forced to work on in season 3

Caesar and Ilana seem to have an agenda and are looking for something in the Hydra office.

It looks like the hydra station is abandoned which makes me wonder if maybe the people are in a different time period then the people on the main island

I liked Locke's introduction complete with the jedi knight cloak

Windmore shows Locke a picture of Sayid building a house, when Locke arrives in Santo Domingo Sayid is in the exact same position as he was in the picture.

When Locke visits everyone he never uses the name Jeremy Bentham. However in the future all of the Oceanic 6 refer to him as Jeremy Bentham

Kate's sobbing strong arm kiss with Jack seemed really awkward. One thought is that maybe she is trying to get pregnant before they go back to the island

Locke really is lost without the island, he is back in a wheelchair and doesn't have the strength to convince anyone to come back

I have no idea who to believe Ben or Windmore

The scene with Locke and Ben is one of the best acting scenes in the series

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