Wednesday, March 18, 2009

LOST Moments #2 I guess I'm out of the book club

This was the intro to season 3. I remember being so excited for this season and when this scene started I had no idea where they were going. I mean who knew the others had a book club. The shot of the plane cracking in half is absolutely chilling. An interesting note about this scene. We are introduced to an older woman named Amelia. She is the woman wearing the scarf at Juliet's door.

There has been some really interesting speculation that this woman may be Amelia Earhart. There are a few clues that point to this possibility. Amelia Earhart went missing over the Pacific ocean close to where the island is said to be. Obviously her name and she is wearing a scarf that is very reminiscent of the iconic pictures of Amelia Earhart.

Her age would be off, but it appears that some people don't age on the island. We know the island has a tendency to attract planes. One of the best clues is in the scene where Richard and Ethan are about to bring Juliet to the island. When they ask her to take the pills they are standing in front of a sign that says Herarat aviation. That's an anagram for Earhart aviation.

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