Monday, March 23, 2009

"Namaste" notes.....

Here are my notes from "Namaste" and few fun things to look for during the re-broadcast.

Lapedus did land the plane on the runway. Is this the reason it was being built or just a lucky coincidence?

As they are trying to land the plane you can hear the numbers "4, 8, 15....." coming in over the radio.

When Sun and Lapidus get to the island and find the barracks it is obviously a different time but it also appears as if the others have never lived there. You can clearly see dharma signs and material that would have been removed by the others when they moved into those structures after the purge.

When Sun and Lapidus first arrive you can hear smokey and see his tree rattling. We also can hear some whispers right before Christian shows up.When Christian brings them into the room to show them the picture, the door opens creepily in the background. You can see a faint glimpse of what looks like smokey leaving the room. A few moments after that you can see a women in the room behind Sun. People without HD televisions may have to crank up the brightness but it's worth it. Very creepy.....could it be Claire?

Back in 1977 Sawer is the man. He clearly likes the life he has at the moment. His call out of the way Jack made descions was absolutely inspired. I really hope that we are going to see Sawyer step into the hero role for the rest of the series.

We finally meet Radzinsky and he clearly seems to be an important part of the dharma initiative. We can see he works at the flame where Mikhail "patchy" worked and Locke blew up. It also appears as if he designed the swan station where the losties spent most of season 2 and where Desmond was brought when he was rescued by Kelvin. At the end of season 2 Kelvin explains to Desmond about pushing the button. He also tells Desmond he had a partner named Radzinsky who started painting that cool map on the blast door and later killed himself with a shotgun.

We learned that Amy's baby is named Ethan. This is probably Ethan Rom. The creepy other that kidnapped Claire.

Most of the other parts of the show were setting up the tension between the losties that left and the ones that stayed on the island.
I am shocked by how much I really really like Sawyer and Juliet together. I have gotten so sick of Jack and Kate's moody, mopy indecisiveness. They can have each other I am rooting for Sawyer and Juliet. It may have seemed sudden but you need to remember that it has been 3 years. That's a long time and the the other relationships really only had about 3 months to evolve. The cool thing is that it appears that they both really want it to work even with the arrival of the oceanic 4. I know this really is foreshadowing some bad things but my hope is that we are going to see the best of Sawyer over the next few episodes.

Oh and where is Rose and Bernard????????

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  1. I posted a lot of my theories on Lost on my new blog...It does talk about the runway.

    Hope you enjoy them!

    The Good Mike D